iFazari Technologies

Software Development Outsourcing made right

With the non-stop innovation in technology today, adaptability is the king. Without the right knowledge and experience in IT Development and Software Engineering, it is next to impossible for any organization to keep up with this growing demand. iFazari Technologies will eliminate any frustration and hesitations that you have in terms of developing your next IT project. If you can imagine it, we can execute it. Your imagination is the limit.

An end-to-end solution to all your IT needs. Whether, you are experiencing a hiccup on your project, delay on your timeline, challenges on your requirements, iFazari Technologies is just one call away. Our team of highly-trained IT professionals is ready to start and take over anytime. We aim at reducing your risks of failing while ensuring compliance with industry standards.

One of the most common problems that our clients face is their inadequate experience in various systems that can help achieve efficiency of their productivity within their organization. With huge expertise in Information Technology, we can assist you on any system integration requirements that you have in your business.

Your peace of mind is our greatest priority at iFazari Technologies. Our well-trained IT professionals will ensure that you will have your secured backups and quick recovery systems in-place, should there be a major IT infrastructure failure that would happen in your organization.

Contact us today and let us prove that you made a right decision.



At iFazari Technologies, we aim to make the best, the fastest and the most reliable solution for your business project and according to your concept. We act as your software development department, follow your rules and your plan.



We combine the best practices and know-how and build using the modern technologies and frameworks. We start from requirements, continue with prototyping and result with developing and testing – always in professional way.



We aim to supply a fully functional and well-tested solution and use the best international practices for testing the software both during the development phase, and after it has been completed – everything to make your software users love your product.